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Wollaston Fish Bar is a very traditional style fish and chip shop offering a unique variety of fish cooked in healthier oil giving its customers excellent food at great value prices.  The Fish Bar is a business I got involved with as I liked the idea of being able to offer a exceptional food quality to my customers at very affordable prices.  Wollaston Fish Bar has now been an established business for more than 37 years and has always been part of my family and has always been managed by family members.  Since I took over in 1999, the shop has gone major aesthetical changes however the food quality and value has gone from good to great to excellent.

Being the proud owner and manager of Wollaston Fish Bar I continue to practise my beliefs by showing my customers integrity by giving value for money and honouring any promotions or discounts we offer as well providing them excellent quality food and service thus in turn giving me the prosperity I value for my success in health and wealth.

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