Press Release

Loucas Partali’s Interview with Success Magazine

It was evident and clear that we had to stop this amazing Man in his tracks to get a feel on how Mr Partali made his success. No easy task by far, however, we have been told he is a truly hard Man to find as he is always travelling with his wife and his “3 gorgeous sons” as he quotes, but we were given a tip that he and his family would be back at their amazing home prior to 30th October 2018 so we made our best efforts to meet Mr and Mrs Partali on their return.

We were asked to meet them at their fabulous hexagonal bungalow, their home, on Monday the 30 October at 11am and so we began our journey early as we did not want to miss this huge opportunity.  Being so keen we got there a little too early however they welcomed us and asked us to join them for breakfast and of course we accepted.

When we arrived at this beautiful, elaborate black and gold gate, which automatically opened so smoothly, we had to drive along a narrow but long windy up hill drive to reach their home and what a lovely home it truly is.

When we reached the top of the hill we parked our car in the spaces available and  Mr Partali was waiting just by the modern main entrance and he gave us a very warm welcome.  It was evident that he was glad to see us as we were  honoured to be here.  Mr Partali invited us in and we followed him  to the balcony where his lovely wife Sarah and their three sons had already set up the breakfast table.  All I can say is WOW what an amazing view we had of the East and South coasts of the Island absolutely breath taking and the spread looked so deliscious.  We sat down and all you could smell was the aroma of home made pan cakes, fresh fruit, coffee and tea.  As you can  imagine it was absolutely surreal.

As we were early we had some small talk between us and then immediately got stuck into the real reason we were there so we asked Mr Partali and Mrs Partali what their journey to Success is and they both looked at each other as if to say “OK you tell them,” so Mr Partali started;

“You see for many years prior to this day I have been searching for my true purpose in this World and slowly slowly I started putting the pieces of my success puzzle together and never in all my time did I imagine it would be as phenomenal as it is today.”

And straight away Mrs Partali added;

“I have to be honest even I was truly surprised how well everything linked together, as I thought at some times my husband was loosing the plot,” and laughed it of.

We then asked Mr Partali to tell us what really made him so successful today and he replied;

“The biggest factors are unlimited love and belief, and having that true burning desire to find your purpose really helps to manifest anything in your thoughts and more.  Please do not misunderstand me here as it was not easy however I never gave up and the results speak for themselves.  Look around you.”

We took a short moment then and looked around us and instantly understood what he meant so we then asked him to elaborate on some key successes that he had, so Mr Partali said,

“This is my World now as I manifested it to be.  I live in a world with an abundance of true health, autonomy, love wealth and harmony for which I am very thankful and grateful for and I give gratitude to God daily.  I have been earning 10000 euros a day since 01 January 2017 so I can easily say I am totally financially free and time free.”

And Mrs Partali added;

“Yeah it feels so great and fortunate to be in this position we can literally do what we want when we want with whom we want without having to think of the time and money, its just amazing. Oh and just to let you know I even have my own ‘No questions asked account’ which I am very grateful for”

So Mr Partali continued then to say;

“The best example is our home, my wife and I have been planning this home for more than 15 years and now it has become a physical reality fully paid for since 01 August 2018 and it is full of love, joy and happiness.”

Plan of our home So we asked Mr Partali, how do you manage to look so young and strong, and without hesitation he replied;

“Well to be honest success is nothing when you do not have true health. Really think about it, so somewhere in the middle of this amazing success journey I started kick boxing, did my first degree black belt in October 2014, then my second degree by 23 October 2016 and now I am working towards my third degree prior to November 2019.”

He continued to add;

“The biggest factor apart from the physical training is my diet. I am a big believer that if you put rubbish in you will get rubbish out so I follow a very simple diet, everything in moderation, more good stuff and less of the bad stuff. I just know the better I eat the better I feel.”

We hear you are a regular traveller, so how often are you away;

“My family and I go away to explore the world every other month and we could be away as long as three week at a time.  We have an awesome time and we get to see so many wonderful cities and great wonders. We also meet some really extraordinary people and we always do our best to give something to those people who we meet along our travels.  the children love it and so does my wife and myself.”

Wow it seems that you are really living life full time, how do you feel about it?

“The feeling is fantastic especially when seeing my boy’s faces.  They love every moment of our trips and the best part about it is I get to spend endless time with my beautiful wife Sarah and my  3 gorgeous boys.”

Mr Partali then said as we starred at him in amazement;

“There is greatness in every single person on this Earth and because of conditioning most of us have had growing up, we can not see our authentic selves. However with the correct thinking our authentic self surfaces and the possibilities are endless and in abundance. Let no one fool you that you can not achieve anything you want  in life because the only limitations we have as people as those limitations which we define upon ourselves. Think big and you will receive big as long as you are giving big. We live in two way world and everything must balance.”

Stunded at Mr Partali’s words we paused for a moment and asked him to carry on and so he did:

“I always knew that I could be what ever I willed to be and


(to be continued……..)