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Master Key Week 8 “Imagianation is the mighty instrument”

By Loucas Partali / November 21, 2015

Here we are almost at the end of Week 8 connecting the dots and making the links between Og, Haanel, The Mental Diet, Emerson’s Essay on Compensation, the 7 Laws of the Mind, the Guy in the Glass, and ‘I’. My emotions and feelings have been in high spirits all week and there is never […]


Master Key WEEK 7 “Visualisation is infinite”

By Loucas Partali / November 14, 2015

Visualisation is the lesson this week and it really has had a profound effect on me. Following Haanel’s exercise, of visualising a friend,  has made me understand that we can practically create anything in our world within and with the correct thought and actions it can all manifest in to physical reality. It is a […]


Master Key Week 6 “Understanding the power of the Universal Mind”

By Loucas Partali / November 7, 2015

As Haanel so clearly states in Part 6; (6-1) “The Universal Mind is so wonderful that it is difficult to understand its utilitarian powers and possibilities and its unlimited producing effects.  (6-2) We have found that this Mind is not only all intelligence but all substance.” I  began this week to realise how amazingly powerful […]


Master Key Week 5: “There are no magic transformations”

By Loucas Partali / October 30, 2015

It is evident that I am feeling a little mysterious at times as it is hard to truly describe how I really feel.  Every week is a stepping stone closer to my true Dharma and I am really trying to understand what is causing the transformation in my life and which ever way I look […]


Master Key Week 4: Making The connection with “I”

By Loucas Partali / October 20, 2015

What a powerful opening to this weeks Master Key lesson Haanel states, (4-1)”The “I”of you is not the physical body; that is simply an instrument which the “I” uses to carry out its purpose: the “I” cannot be the Mind, for the mind is simply another instrument which the “I” uses with which to think, […]

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