MasterKey Week 3 ‘Taking control of ME’

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As the title states we are now just gone past week three of the Thought Image 2MKMMA training and I must say that the links between Hannel’s Mater Key Lessons, and Og Mandino’s “Greatest Salesman In the World” are becoming more and more clear, I love it!

At this point I have one confession I need to make and that is  my initial  inability to follow the required exercises stated by Haanel in the MasterKey workbooks however, it has been fun and exciting seeing my self grow. Firstly trying to sit still for 15-30 minutes now that was a real chore during the first week.  Then in the second week I had to try and inhibit all thoughts whilst sitting still, well that was proving to be even more challenging as I tend to have a million and one thoughts going through my mind every minute (excuse the exaggeration). Now this week I am really enjoying sitting still with a clear mind and relaxing my muscles and allowing my blood to flow freely through my body and mind and I must say the feeling is amazing.

What I am trying to say is that I always knew how powerful our mind is and never did I ever imagine I would be learning and experiencing so much about my mind and myself in such a short period of time.

What is even more amazing is that we are coming up to the start of the fourth week and beyond that we still have another 22 weeks, can you even begin to imagine what is going to be possible.  So stay tuned and I will be sharing almost everything right here on my blog.

Life is the most amazing gift in the Universe so lets live our lives in full and enjoy every second and make sure we let those who we love most know how much we love them. Love to all.

#LoveLifeLive #MKMMA

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Loucas Partali

searl1974 - October 18, 2015

Our minds are so powerful, loving your descriptions of the meditation!

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