MasterKey Week 19 2017 “Power the ever distinguishing mark of genius”


Just over a year ago because of the #MasterKeyExperience I wrote in my DMP  that prior to the 20/02/2017 I would be a Second  Degree Black Belt in Kickboxing and on the 4th February  I took my three and a half hour physical, mental  and technical exam and I am glad to say I am now a Second Degree Black Belt achiever.  Even though I reached points of complete exhaustion my mental strength and my world within would not let me quit.  So thank you MasterKeyExperienceI love the #MKMMA.

Yes it is week 19 already and my second year on the #MKE and the end to a new beginning is for ever getting closer and more real. So far the #MasterkeyExperience has taken me, and I am pretty confident many others in the class, through some great positives and negatives each day making me realise many of my hidden abilities as well as the abilities of those around me.

Keeping a clear mind truly makes one see the greatness around them as there vision and mind is no longer blurred or obscure or even more so pre-empted based on past experiences. I can now, or at least most of the time, see, feel, smell, hear and taste things for what there true existence, purpose and intention may be. The truth is that I am more and more living life through inspiration and not through past experiences.

Scroll Marked V by Og says:

“I will waste not a moment mourning yesterday’s misfortunes, yesterday’s defeats, yesterday’s aches of the heart, for why should I throw good after bad.” and similarly “Why should I throw now after maybe,” “Tomorrow lies buried with yesterday and I will think of it no more.”

Power of the mind

There is so much truth in what Og writes and before now I would constantly get caught up in what had happened and what I should have done instead and then I bounce over to what if this happens? and what if that happens? and in reality it was the NOW that only mattered yet I was hardly ever present. So I give permission to myself from now on to live each day “as if it is my last” and greet every “sunrise with cries of joy” and “beat upon my heart with gratitude.”

I have the power to control my thoughts and actions and since actions come from thoughts there is only one power and that power is from within. This power is one

Power from within
of our greatest gifts and we can use it to “open ourselves to a more abundant inflow of this vital energy, and thus express the highest possible degree of mental, moral, and spiritual efficiency.” Caharles Haanel

I believe I am the The Greatest Salesman in the World and I will persist to succeed and win.

Thank you Master Key Mastermind Alliance

Love and Gratitude to all.

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