MasterKey Week 17 2017 “Desire added to concentration will wrench any secret from Nature.”

burning desire

Seventeen weeks now and my feelings and thoughts have grown and developed a hundredfold. Words can not describe the true sensation of the excitement that wakes me up in the mornings, that carries me through out the day and eventually takes me back to bed, only to be woken again the next day even more excited than the day before.

You may have realised by following my posts that I like to quote Charles Haanel “The Master Key” and Og Mandino, “The Greatest Salesman in The World” and in this post I make no exception;

Haanel says in Part 17: “Desire added to concentration will wrench any secret from nature.” He then continues to say “In realising great thoughts, in experiencing great emotions that correspond with great thoughts, the mind is in a state where it appreciates the value of the higher things.”

I can only admit that during this week and the last my focus on kindness has made be realise that our World is full of great and wonderful people and the only way to recognise them and to be a part of their kindness is to think in the same way as well. Since the beginning of Week 16 when our virtue for all the MKMMA members was kindness it has only grown and grown and continues to grow (the Law of Growth in action) for now and for ever to come. For this I am exceptionally grateful and as Og Mandino says at the end of Scroll 3 “So long as there is breath in me that long I persist;” and so I will persist with kindness in the same way.

As my burning desire in life is to fulfil my Definite Major Purpose I promise to concentrate my thoughts daily, “of thinking of the person I intend to become and thereby creating in my mind a clear picture of that person” as it is written in the Blue Print Builder

burning desire

I am natures greatest miracle and I win.

Love and gratitude to all.

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