Authentic self

This is the week we call the Hero’s Journey and I make a realization that the real heroes in this world are all of us. The dictionary defines a hero person as such:

  • heronoun [C] (PERSON)

B1 a ​person who is ​admired for having done something very ​brave or having ​achieved something ​great:

So I ask, if you take this definition and look at the key words can you think of anyone who does not fit in to this, because I cannot. Maybe I have been fortunate to have only come across heroes however I can always see greatness in everyone. What really blocks our authentic selves is our own self consciousness and the truth is we are the ones who control our self consciousness so we need to let go and follow our call to greatness.

Being a hero is really being your authentic self and not trying to imitate others. When we are our authentic selves we can never get being ourselves wrong. Our identity is unique and as Og says: “I am a unique creature, I am nature’s greatest miracle.” therefore we must accept our greatness and realise that we are nature’s greatest miracles.

Authentic self

From the day we enter this world we arrive with a purpose and gradually we are deterred from that purpose and slowly but surely bury our authentic selves. In most instances something drastic or catastrophic needs to occur in our lives for us to realise what we really want and who we really are. We need to embrace our authenticity and follow our hearts desire and be done with self consciousness and allow the magic of discovery become our bliss again just like it was from when we were born.

I find myself breaking through the depths of my old self to discover the new me as I gradually emerge from my world within to my world without and on this hero’s journey that I have embarked on I bring forth love and gratitude to everyone I encounter today and everyone I have encountered in the past.

This is my call to adventure and I give myself permission to take it and embrace it and share it.

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