MasterKey Week 3 ‘Taking control of ME’

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As the title states we are now just gone past week three of the Thought Image 2MKMMA training and I must say that the links between Hannel’s Mater Key Lessons, and Og Mandino’s “Greatest Salesman In the World” are becoming more and more clear, I love it!

At this point I have one confession I need to make and that is  my initial  inability to follow the required exercises stated by Haanel in the MasterKey workbooks however, it has been fun and exciting seeing my self grow. Firstly trying to sit still for 15-30 minutes now that was a real chore during the first week.  Then in the second week I had to try and inhibit all thoughts whilst sitting still, well that was proving to be even more challenging as I tend to have a million and one thoughts going through my mind every minute (excuse the exaggeration). Now this week I am really enjoying sitting still with a clear mind and relaxing my muscles and allowing my blood to flow freely through my body and mind and I must say the feeling is amazing.

What I am trying to say is that I always knew how powerful our mind is and never did I ever imagine I would be learning and experiencing so much about my mind and myself in such a short period of time.

What is even more amazing is that we are coming up to the start of the fourth week and beyond that we still have another 22 weeks, can you even begin to imagine what is going to be possible.  So stay tuned and I will be sharing almost everything right here on my blog.

Life is the most amazing gift in the Universe so lets live our lives in full and enjoy every second and make sure we let those who we love most know how much we love them. Love to all.

#LoveLifeLive #MKMMA

Master Key Week 2

Change is from within

Now in to week two of the MKMMA journey ( Master Key Master Mind Alliance) and the experience is becoming stronger and stronger.  Effectively its only been eleven days today since it all begun and I am already feeling the changes happening within. Being here is making me realise that the direction we take in life is totally within our control, the only issue is (and this is my opinion of course) we have been blocked through education and society in general and our self control factors have been buried deep in to our subconscious. Now is the time to find them and take control of our minds and ourselves. Just like Haanel says in the Master Keys “The secret of all power, all achievement and all possession depends upon our method of thinking. This is true because we must be before we can do and we can do only to the extend which we are and what we are depends upon what we think”

My experience with the PIF scholarship so far has been incredible and my way of thought is already transforming and shifting my results.  I can only imagine how much more powerful this will become over the next few weeks. Really, we have only just got started. Part of the experience is to read Scroll One for thirty days three times a day and even though I have read it over thirty times already, after each reach I feel lifted, excited and I am always discovering something new. This book is phenomenal,  “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino If you have not yet got one you need to get one and read it. You will love it. Trust me.

The whole process for the teachings and the hands on help is so well planned out and I am truely grateful to everyone who has helped put it together.  I also give thanks to technology for making it possible for hundreds of people to take part in this experience world wide including myself.   I feel blessed and extremely proud to be a part of it.

Just something to think about or ask yourself, “When was the last time you really made your own decision from within about anything?”

Change is from within


Master Key Week 1

The Beginning

The Beginning

Well you may have come across this or you may have not.  Some one could have sent a link to you and because we all get so much bumf in our inbox or trash box we tend to ignore it or even delete it.    However this time when I received an email about the Pay It Forward Scholarship (PIF Scholarship) for the MKMMA (Maser Key Mastermind Alliance) curiosity got the better of me and I opened the email and followed the link to the first video. From the first twenty seconds I was hooked on to the idea of the MKMMA, and the presentation of course, and decided to follow all proceeding videos.  I then completed  the application paid my $1 dollar, waited anxiously and here I am today working, on what I believe, to be the greatest asset that we get for FREE our Mind.  Truly I was shocked to have made it in to the list even though I felt that I would be part of this journey regardless, my thoughts and feelings overwhelmed me.

I am 42 years of age and have never received a scholarship for anything before so  now that I have one I am ready to hold on to it till the end.  With the first week on the go I am already feeling a shift in my thoughts and my consciousness.  I feel that MKMMA was something I have been looking for a long time and now I am in the middle of it.  I believe I will get a life changing experience from this journey and nothing could be more satisfying than knowing that next year, I would be paying it forward for some else out there just like me who is looking for the opportunity to change his mind, consciousness and feelings.

The whole system on how the course is been delivered has obviously been well thought out and planned for which I am very grateful.  The systems in place are almost floorless and the method used to deliver the content is precise and excellent with clear communication between the master guides, the guides and the students.

To be realistic the requirements to maintain the scholarship are quite demanding and the real skill lies in building good habits that will result to good reactions in all situations that we are confronted with.  As quoted by  Og Mandino in his book The Greatest Salesman in the World,   “Thus a new and good habit is born, for when an act becomes easy through repetition it becomes a pleasure to perform and if it is a pleasure to perform it is man’s nature to perform it often. When I perform it often it becomes a habit and I become its slave and since this is a good habit this is my will.” So believe you are better and do what you desire you are in control of you and no one but you can change that.


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