MasterKey Week 19 2017 “Power the ever distinguishing mark of genius”


Just over a year ago because of the #MasterKeyExperience I wrote in my DMP  that prior to the 20/02/2017 I would be a Second  Degree Black Belt in Kickboxing and on the 4th February  I took my three and a half hour physical, mental  and technical exam and I am glad to say I am now a Second Degree Black Belt achiever.  Even though I reached points of complete exhaustion my mental strength and my world within would not let me quit.  So thank you MasterKeyExperienceI love the #MKMMA.

Yes it is week 19 already and my second year on the #MKE and the end to a new beginning is for ever getting closer and more real. So far the #MasterkeyExperience has taken me, and I am pretty confident many others in the class, through some great positives and negatives each day making me realise many of my hidden abilities as well as the abilities of those around me.

Keeping a clear mind truly makes one see the greatness around them as there vision and mind is no longer blurred or obscure or even more so pre-empted based on past experiences. I can now, or at least most of the time, see, feel, smell, hear and taste things for what there true existence, purpose and intention may be. The truth is that I am more and more living life through inspiration and not through past experiences.

Scroll Marked V by Og says:

“I will waste not a moment mourning yesterday’s misfortunes, yesterday’s defeats, yesterday’s aches of the heart, for why should I throw good after bad.” and similarly “Why should I throw now after maybe,” “Tomorrow lies buried with yesterday and I will think of it no more.”

Power of the mind

There is so much truth in what Og writes and before now I would constantly get caught up in what had happened and what I should have done instead and then I bounce over to what if this happens? and what if that happens? and in reality it was the NOW that only mattered yet I was hardly ever present. So I give permission to myself from now on to live each day “as if it is my last” and greet every “sunrise with cries of joy” and “beat upon my heart with gratitude.”

I have the power to control my thoughts and actions and since actions come from thoughts there is only one power and that power is from within. This power is one

Power from within
of our greatest gifts and we can use it to “open ourselves to a more abundant inflow of this vital energy, and thus express the highest possible degree of mental, moral, and spiritual efficiency.” Caharles Haanel

I believe I am the The Greatest Salesman in the World and I will persist to succeed and win.

Thank you Master Key Mastermind Alliance

Love and Gratitude to all.

Master Key Week 18 2017 “In order to grow we must obtain what is necessary for our growth”


Already without hesitation we are at Week 18 of the Master Keys Lesson and with this lesson comes a huge realisation that of the Power of Thought and the Law of Growth.

We know that everyone of us is a unique creature of nature or as Og puts it “We are nature’s greatest miracles,” and even though we are one in the Universal Mind we are still by personality, character and appearance all individuals .

Charles Haanel says in his introduction:

“In order to grow we must obtain what is necessary for our growth. This is brought about through the law of attraction. This principle is the sole means by which the individual is differentiated from the Universal.”

And then in part 18:14 Haanel states;

“Thought is the invisible link by which the individual comes into communication with the Universal, the finite with the Infinite, the seen with the Unseen. Thought is the magic by which the human is transformed into a being who thinks and knows and feels and acts.”

So power comes from thought and likewise thought is power. Our thoughts are the energy which brings the law of attraction into play and what we think about manifests in abundance. This proves that we as individuals have the power to grow our thoughts into physical reality by paying attention to the knowledge we acquire and applying such knowledge to our interests and believes. The statement that “anything is possible,” one can argue is true, as the law of attraction and the law of growth are both in operation from each individual, who consciously uses the power of thought to bring into realisation anything they want and become who they were intended to be. In order to get what we want using the power of thought we must first give and then, receive.


Thoughts are Power

Haanel says in 18:25 very clearly;

“It is clear, therefore, that thoughts of abundance will respond only to similar thoughts; the wealth of the individual is seen to be what he inherently is. Affluence within is found to be the secret of attraction for affluence without. The ability to produce is found to be the real source of wealth of the individual. It is for this reason that he who has his heart in his work is certain to meet with unbounded success. He will give and continually give; and the more he gives, the more he will receive.”

All I know is that;

“I am nature’s greatest miracle,” and from this moment on “I live each day as if it is my last.” by Og Mandino.


Authentic self

This is the week we call the Hero’s Journey and I make a realization that the real heroes in this world are all of us. The dictionary defines a hero person as such:

  • heronoun [C] (PERSON)

B1 a ​person who is ​admired for having done something very ​brave or having ​achieved something ​great:

So I ask, if you take this definition and look at the key words can you think of anyone who does not fit in to this, because I cannot. Maybe I have been fortunate to have only come across heroes however I can always see greatness in everyone. What really blocks our authentic selves is our own self consciousness and the truth is we are the ones who control our self consciousness so we need to let go and follow our call to greatness.

Being a hero is really being your authentic self and not trying to imitate others. When we are our authentic selves we can never get being ourselves wrong. Our identity is unique and as Og says: “I am a unique creature, I am nature’s greatest miracle.” therefore we must accept our greatness and realise that we are nature’s greatest miracles.

Authentic self

From the day we enter this world we arrive with a purpose and gradually we are deterred from that purpose and slowly but surely bury our authentic selves. In most instances something drastic or catastrophic needs to occur in our lives for us to realise what we really want and who we really are. We need to embrace our authenticity and follow our hearts desire and be done with self consciousness and allow the magic of discovery become our bliss again just like it was from when we were born.

I find myself breaking through the depths of my old self to discover the new me as I gradually emerge from my world within to my world without and on this hero’s journey that I have embarked on I bring forth love and gratitude to everyone I encounter today and everyone I have encountered in the past.

This is my call to adventure and I give myself permission to take it and embrace it and share it.

#NothingLikeIt #MKE #MasterkeyExperience​

MasterKey Week 17 2017 “Desire added to concentration will wrench any secret from Nature.”

burning desire

Seventeen weeks now and my feelings and thoughts have grown and developed a hundredfold. Words can not describe the true sensation of the excitement that wakes me up in the mornings, that carries me through out the day and eventually takes me back to bed, only to be woken again the next day even more excited than the day before.

You may have realised by following my posts that I like to quote Charles Haanel “The Master Key” and Og Mandino, “The Greatest Salesman in The World” and in this post I make no exception;

Haanel says in Part 17: “Desire added to concentration will wrench any secret from nature.” He then continues to say “In realising great thoughts, in experiencing great emotions that correspond with great thoughts, the mind is in a state where it appreciates the value of the higher things.”

I can only admit that during this week and the last my focus on kindness has made be realise that our World is full of great and wonderful people and the only way to recognise them and to be a part of their kindness is to think in the same way as well. Since the beginning of Week 16 when our virtue for all the MKMMA members was kindness it has only grown and grown and continues to grow (the Law of Growth in action) for now and for ever to come. For this I am exceptionally grateful and as Og Mandino says at the end of Scroll 3 “So long as there is breath in me that long I persist;” and so I will persist with kindness in the same way.

As my burning desire in life is to fulfil my Definite Major Purpose I promise to concentrate my thoughts daily, “of thinking of the person I intend to become and thereby creating in my mind a clear picture of that person” as it is written in the Blue Print Builder

burning desire

I am natures greatest miracle and I win.

Love and gratitude to all.

Master Key Week 16 2017 “Thought and feeling is the irresistible combination”


The sixteenth week has come and I am still in shock on how my thoughts have changed my feelings and how my feelings have changed my thoughts. The pay-offs are coming in to play almost daily and providing I continue to be with a clear mind and in control of my thoughts the so called pay-offs will continue to come, how so very exciting. I love it. What has become clear and apparent to me is that we can form our own images through the process of thought, idealisation, visulisation, and materialisation, and the feeling we attach to these thoughts will bring about exactly the same results in reality. The way I understand this thought process is that we are responsible for what happens to us regardless of the cause. Therefore we are in full control of our destiny and every outcome on the way and even though the majority of people believe that circumstances and events bring about most causes in their lives the reality is that whatever we get and do not get is a direct reflection to our own thought process.

In Lesson 16 paragraph 15 Charles so states:

” Whatever enters the mind through the senses or the objective mind will impress the mind and result in a mental image which will become a pattern for the creative energies. These experiences are largely the result of environment, chance, past thinking and other forms of negative thought, and must be subjected to careful analysis before being entertained. On the other hand, we can form our own mental images, through our own interior processes of thought regardless of the thoughts of others, regardless of exterior conditions, regardless of environment of every kind, and it is by the exercise of this power that we can control our own destiny, body, mind and soul.”



For me this week the biggest and most exciting pay off has been the endless acts of kindnesses that I instigated, participated by doing and the ones I witnessed. What seems to be so amazing is the fact that the majority of the the kind acts I saw, were predominantly just people giving something to somebody else, or doing a small good deed for someone without that person knowing or even just saying lovely and kind words about other people. What really struck me is the fact that because I was looking for kindness all week myself I can openly admit that I did not notice any acts of unkindness or discord. A rue example of the Law of Growth. What is is even more fascinating is the fact that from the beginning of this week I have given off such a strong and powerful positive vibe that even my family members and my employees felt the need to follow my virtue. So they to tried to be kind and see the kindness in the other people. With my hand on my heart I can very well say that the virtue of kindness has not only made a shift in my life but also in others and this is one virtue that I promise to practice daily from now on.

I am natures greatest miracle and so are you.

Gratitude and love to all.


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