About Loucas


I am very happily married to the most amazing woman Sarah Partali and also a father to three gorgeous boys. My goal in life is to become a Master in the Art of Living which translates to:

“The Master in the Art of Living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his information and his recreation, his love and his religion he hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him he is always doing both.”
James Michener


My mission in life is to live full time and I strive to achieve this by making sure that my decisions in life are not based on time and money.I was born in England and lived there till the age of 6 when my parents, who are originally from sunny Cyprus, decided to move back and enjoy life in the sun. As I was so young who was I argue otherwise. Whilst growing up in Cyprus my older sisters and I were fortunate enough to attend a private school known as the American Academy where I managed to get my O’levels just after the age of 15 and my A’Levels two years later.

Even from a young age, when my friends were out playing after school, I would always go home and go to work with my father doing plumbing and handyman jobs from which I learnt a lot of technical stuff and handy skills. The greatest lesson to me was the appreciation of the work involved and the value of the work done and what it meant to the people who the work was done for. So the next greatest lesson was that I got to understand the value of money and whether people had an abundance of it or not the value was still the same.

When I finished school I immediately pursued my passion for flying so I came back to England where I worked in Fish and Chip shops and saved enough money to take private flying lessons at least once a week. In the meantime I applied to the RAF where I was eventually offered an officers position. It was very tempting to accept however being 17 and the 17 year contract that was attached deterred me so I returned to Cyprus where I chose to join the Cypriot Forces for a period of 26 months. Due to my education I was again offered an officers position which I took and spent 6 months in Crete being trained physically, mentally and spiritually. I completed my time in the army and left as a second lieutenant and build some amazing friendships.

At the age of 20 when I completed the army and realised that my passion for flying was not economically viable I made a decision to do an engineering degree on building services engineering which I believed would be a great way to drive my father’s business to the next level. I attended UMIST in Manchester and finished my degree and received a Bachelor in Engineering with Honours three years later and then fought my way through the competitive world of job applications in order to get the experience. After completing a full year working for a huge international company as a consulting engineer I decided that if I wanted to do, have and experience the taste of my vision of success I had to make changes so instead of going back to Cyprus and growing my father’s business I did a complete 180 degree turn and took over my father’s fish and chip business which he had rented to family before and turned it into a very successful take away. With the help of my wife and sister and brother-in-law we managed to build a very successful shop and managed to acquire additional property in the UK and abroad and started a wealthy property portfolio.

Being ambitious to do things differently and better I eventually put together a buying group known as Eat At Ltd and secured better discounts on the raw materials used by the fish and chip shops that joined the group and the revenue from the buying group was then used to make further investments. The group currently consist of thirty three shops now and is still growing.

Unfortunately not everything I put my mind to turned into success. In 2004 two years after the registration of Eat At Ltd, I decided to start a fish company to supply all the group fish and chip shops and other shops with fresh and frozen fish. Before we knew it the fish company grew into a four million pound turnover monster at which point I realised that the people I had employed to help me run the company were instead draining the company profits and after a three hundred and sixty thousand pound loss and six years of hard work I decided to close it down and cut my losses.

How I spend my time

Personal Development
Physical Training

During the time I was growing the fish company and closing it down I also took on an additional two fish and chip shops which were run down and started building them up too. They were doing well but the additional pressure of juggling three shops, one profit losing fish company, a buying group and now a family of my own everything was becoming rather difficult and there was only 24 hours in the day and I needed 30 so again I made the necessary changes. At this point I sold the third shop and converted the second shop into three flats and rented them immediately via an agent. A few months down the line I realised that residual income was exciting and that if I was to achieve my mission in life as the Master in the Art of Living I would need to create more residual income or more streams of residual income.

In the meantime the world was already feeling the so called “credit crunch” and my property investments had become stagnant, the fish and chip shop was just about breaking even and my business debts were not reducing so I started making changes again.

In February 2010 I was introduced to an idea that I knew from the time I saw it, it would change my life and even though I wanted to get started with it immediately it took me almost six months to finally become a part of it. Eventually I became an Independent Representative for Worldventures jointly with my sister and now we have a team of members and representatives close to 450 people.

Apart from the growth of our Worldventures position I have been exposed to a huge amount of personal development and this has helped me immensely in planning my life goals. Being in control of my life is a complete eye opener for me and it has allowed me to spend more time with my amazing family take more time away from my businesses and travel the world to many exciting and educational places.