Supercharge your life with more fun, freedom and fulfilment by enjoying brilliant food, great adventures and increased savings and still doing what you love most.


Life is always challenging during great times and during bad times however those true to themselves can always see the greatness in every cause and effect. Live the life you desire by being true to yourself. Let me inspire you with my experiences and methods in life by helping you to be you."

Our Companies

Eat At Ltd

Eat At Ltd is ultimately a members buying group. The idea is to bring together Fish and Chip shop owners and create a strong buying group. We believe that buying together would ultimately give us better purchasing power and more control over our suppliers as well as better value for our customers. As time has passed the group has grown from its original founders to almost fifty shops. Our group is currently based in the Midlands area and all shop members are unique in their own way with individual menus and products. 

Wollaston Fish Bar

With a variety of cooking methods and lots of different options to please everyone, Wollaston Fish Bar is proud to offer healthy meals as well as the traditional fish and chip supper favourites. We have been awarded a Food Hygiene Rating of 5 by the Local Authority and a Gold Award by Dudley Food for Health. And more recently we have also gained the Nation Federation of Fish Friers QUALITY Award and have been short listed in the TOP 60 fish and chip takeaway shops across the Nation for two years running.


Ultimately Worldventures is a VIP travel club which combines the power of a networking company and travel to help people find more fun, freedom and fulfilment in their lives. It provides the opportunity to combine work and play in a whole new way. I am building a network of individuals who love to travel using this unique Dreamtrips Membership created by Worldventures and want to enjoy great saving on their holidays without any compromises at both Gold and Platinum levels.  Share the love with your family and friends and be rewarded for your efforts.

The Advert Platform

TAP, The Advert Platform is designed to help you push your website to genuine Facebook, Twitter and Blog feeds. We take your message and apply it to our unique sharing platform where thousands of our members share it to their social media accounts. We have the power to send 1000's of targeted web traffic to your site and we have the means to track each and every campaign with ease, providing you with real time data. Our goal is to help you push your product and services in front of new audiences.

Our Topics

Entrepreneurial Life

Living an entrepreneurial life is like taking full control of your life. Become the person you were intended to be and create your own life by becoming self directed.  

Life Choices

We are in total control of our thoughts and therefore responsible for our life 100% of the time. Live the life you intend to live and live it full time.

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Loucas Partali

Partali Enterprises LTD

About the Author

My entrepreneurial journey started in 1999, soon after I graduated from university. I went from offline business in the hardware market to eCommerce to affiliate niche sites and from hungry and desperate to well-fed and successful.

Our Testimonials

I have worked on projects with Loucas for the last 4 years. He is a real asset He is open minded and very versatile. The word integrity sums him up 100% .
His attention to detail is a real quality he has and his standards are excellent.
A real pleasure and inspiration to work with. Someone you can really trust and rely on

Gerolamos Nicodemou

This guy is on a mission!
I've been working with Loucas on various projects for the past six years. It's amazing how productive you can be when you have someone like Loucas in your corner. His passion and energy are inspiring and always lead to outstanding results. Nowadays if am looking for someone to work with, Loucas, is top of the list, in fact he's number 2 on my speed dial (My Wife is number 1).
You can ensure that hard work is fun when Loucas is around, I can't wait to see his future unfold, his guidance will have a positive impact on 1000's of lives, I'm honoured he's part of my journey.

Costa Georgio

I've known Loucas for 4 years now, I've very fortunate to have worked with him for this long, and again now work for him in his new venture. He's a very positive and extremely motivated, he's a very approachable person and has made me feel immediately welcome in to work

Kerry Owen

I'm very fortunate to have had Lucas as a friend and a boss over the last few years so I'm in a good position to know what makes him tick, professionally and personally.
Lucas the boss, is very thorough whatever he puts his mind too,he tackles and deals with it full on, not afraid to change, always looking for a different angle to approach business, I learnt a lot from him, which I've carried on into my own businesses.
Personally he is a best friend, always there for you and everybody else, always on hand to help whatever the problem, a great family man with a great family. Been know to like a bit of a party too.. which is always a good thing..

Jason Nicolaou